Channel Fuel YouTube Accelerator is Now Available

youtube May 21, 2019

I know I haven't written in a while, but I've been hard at work not only on Yoga With Adriene and the secret indie film - but also on wrapping up a massive YouTube course with my good friend Tom Martin. 

The course is called the Channel Fuel YouTube Accelerator and I'm excited to announce that the course is now available for a limited time:

This is easily the best and most comprehensive course on YouTube keyword research and search engine optimization. 

I've always considered myself something of an "expert" at this type of thing, but Tom takes things to an entirely new level. I had great success with individual videos and keywords, but it was scattered and inefficient compared to Tom's holistic approach.  

Normally, when you're making these internet things, you spend as much time "launching" as you do actually creating. The problem is that Tom and I are both incredibly busy working on YouTube businesses. We are excited to get this out into the world and have decided not to do a traditional launch.

So we're doing what we are calling a Founding Members launch. 

We are opening the course for a week to an inaugural class of students as sort of a trial run. We know the content is awesome, but we don't have all of our marketing systems dialed in yet, so let's just go for it and see what happens. 

One big benefit to being a part of our first group is that Tom and I will both be heavily involved in the Community for the first Five Weeks. We'll be holding office hours and weekly Q&As so that we can provide hands-on guidance as you work through the material.

We genuinely want to help your channel and this interaction will also help make the course as good as possible.

You'll also get free lifetime updates for the course and you'll be light years ahead of everybody who purchases it when we officially launch (September).

I'm really proud of this course and excited about everything we have planned for VidPro.

I hope to see you inside!


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