Bad Advice (+ The Yoga With Adriene "Funnel")

yoga with adriene youtube Mar 17, 2019

Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve been on the receiving end of “advice” about how to run our business on a daily basis.

This has come from agents, managers, CEOs of major media businesses, YouTube “experts,” internet marketing gurus, and other industry hangers-on.

I get hit with this advice at parties, meetings, run-ins with my neighbors and the inescapable pick-your-brain coffee meetings. It is inescapable.

The problem is that almost all of it is terrible.

It just took me too long to realize it.

In the early days, I listened and I even implemented some of it. This has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and at least a year of my life. No exaggeration.

For the most part, these people all have good intentions. They’re just operating on an outdated paradigm of how things work. They also have a desperate desire to be successful in the “industry.”  They aren’t interested in a 7-figure lifestyle, but a 9-figure lifestyle.

I don’t care about any of these things.

My goal is to run a profitable, growing business, that is making a positive impact on the world.  I want our team to be happy, engaged and rewarded. I also want to have a high quality of life which means keeping things as simple and efficient as possible.

I talked a little bit about this the SXSW talk that Adriene and I gave. We also talked about:

  • Making horror movies together
  • The history of Yoga With Adriene
  • how our business model has evolved
  • Our “funnel” that’s not a “funnel”
  • How the MISSION overtook our personal agenda

You can listen to an audio recording at Soundcloud:

For visual reference here’s one of the slides that is particularly relevant. This might help you get a visual idea of what we’re talking about when we discuss our “marketing funnel.”

I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear what you think!


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