Yoga With Adriene Roadshow - 2018

We recently wrapped up the 2018 Yoga With Adriene Roadshow.  The tour ran for 6 weeks with stops in Stockholm, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Paris. I was lucky enough to tag along for two weeks in London (with a quick trip to Amsterdam). Each year the crowds get bigger and the experience gets more mind-blowing. 

The photo above is from Alexandra Palace in London where over 2,400 people attended. It took two hours just to get everybody in the room and on their mats. The energy in this space was amazing. 

This started with two people in a room with a couple of cheap cameras trying to make YouTube videos that would introduce people to the tools of yoga. We wanted to bring yoga into the lives of people who might not feel comfortable attending a yoga class. 

Now we have the honor and privilege of meeting these people in “real life” at some of the biggest yoga events I’ve ever seen. The energy we poured into Yoga With Adriene in those early days is being returned to us on an exponential level. 

I always leave these events feeling both overwhelmed and reinvigorated. Now that the entire team is back home (and recovered from jet lag) we are back to work on the digital side of things. Right now we are ramping up for our next 30 Days of Yoga series. The 2019 theme was conceived in the energy of the tour and the interactions with the community and I believe it will be our biggest and our best yet. 

I haven’t stopped working but I can’t wait to get back to work.

In addition to all the events, Adriene did a lot of press while on tour. This is something we normally try to limit, but she went all-in. Here are a few are a few of the articles – linked here mainly so I can easily find them later. 

Photo Credit: Lloyd Winters

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