Yoga With Adriene - Cameras and Gear

One of the questions that I get asked the most frequently: What cameras do you use to make the Yoga With Adriene videos? And also what do I recommend for people who want to make their own videos. I decided to write a post here that gets into all the nerdy details - this will also let me keep it up to date over time. 

At the time of this writing, we have produced over 700 videos and our setup has evolved over time. Since we make so many videos it's important that the entire process - from setup to post-production - is as fast and seamless as possible. 

I always recommend starting with as simple a setup as possible and working to improve just a little bit each time you make a video. Then you can gradually refine and add new gear that will both improve the quality and speed up your workflow. 


Our Main Camera: Canon EOS C-200

 We shoot with 2 Canon C-200s, so that we always have a wide shot (A-camera) and a second angle...

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YouTube Camera Gear Update – Down-Sized Edition

camera gear youtube Jul 17, 2014

2014 may be another personal record-breaker for me as far as the number of videos I produce. It will definitely be a record breaker when it comes to the number of minutes produced. Even though I am producing more, I have started to downsize the amount of gear I use.

Last year, I went a little bit overboard. I had been using nothing but consumer camcorders for years. As soon as money started coming in from my various projects, I did what any self-respecting video geek would do - I started buying gear! It was fun but I ended up with too much stuff that ended up bogging down things when it came to production. There were too many options and too many things to think about. I am still a micro-budget producer and almost always a one-man crew. Time is always of the essence and I already have too much on my mind. So I started to downsize.

My production set-up is now what you see in the photo above. For outdoor shoots, that is the whole thing (except for a collapsible bounce-card...

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